• Process


    “There's nothing simple about rug design, each rug must make its own statement as the centerpiece to a room while remaining subservient to a room's style. The design must work on several levels and do justice to the material. Displaying a strong sense of where interior design is headed and exuding a unique style confident in color, texture, and pattern — J.Pera is the perfect fit for Rug Couture”

  • Rug Couture

    Rug Couture

    Challenging what is expected of surface and rug design was the advent of the collaboration between J.Pera Designs and Rug Couture. Collectively each side worked harmoniously to create objects that push the production of rug manufacturing while creating designs that engage the consciousness of what a rug presents. Rug Couture is a proud partner with Goodweave.

  • Results


    J.Pera Designs and Rug Couture were jointly able to challenge what is expected from a rug in both production and results. Four thought-provoking designs. 130 knots per square inch. 4 unique organic dyes. 365 hours of hand weaving in Bhadohi. Available now at Rug Couture